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Gnocchi filled with provolone

About Pizzaman

Since 2013 there is only one restaurant in Ibiza that works to bring the best tradition of Italian food: Pizzaman.

Not only must the pizza be cooked to perfection, but also made from high-quality ingredients such as Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO, Caputo Rojo flour and exclusively Italian tomato sauce. These are the small "secrets" of our pizzas, as well as the always fresh, handmade dough that is left to ferment for at least 8 hours. We are following the original recipe for its preparation which is water, flour, yeast and salt without any additional ingredients.

Also, if you want to try something different you will find many delicious homemade dishes, such as meat and vegetarian lasagna, ravioli filled with octopus and potatoes, aubergine alla parmesana, burgers, and many other tasty Italian recipes.


Welcome to Pizzaman!

We are Pizzaman, Massi and Sasha
fresh pasta in Pizzaman


Chachi Pachi

“Big and good pizzas. Unbeatable quality/price. They also deliver at home and the treatment is very good. I also recommend lasagna and tiramisu for dessert.”

Jorge M

“Nice treatment, homemade food, abundant rations and delicious desserts, especially the banana and nutella calzone. We have been two days in a row and we will repeat.”


“Excellent food and treatment we recommend it is not expensive and it is very clean we will repeat great super well clean.”

Spaghetti con pesto y gambas
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